The iSCOPE Challenge
What is the iScope Challenge?
- The iScope Challenge is a videoing competition using only the iScope and your smartphone.
What do I have to do?
- If you don't have an iScope...get one. Then video your entire hunt from opening interviews, shots of you calling, shots of your surroundings, the kill, the post hunt interview, etc. From there, piece your footage together to make one complete video and submit it to The Break or iScope.
How do I submit my video?
- There are a couple ways to submit your video to us. You could upload it to The Break TV Facebook page or the iScope Optics Facebook page; or you could upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and email us a link to or
How do I win?
- Derek from The Break, Brian from iScope and a panel of The Break partners will judge the video submissions to determine the winner of the contest. Factors that will be considered include the quality of video, creativity, difficulty of the hunt, and more.
What are the prizes?
- The Break is putting together a prize package of various items from many of The Break partners and sponsors. The items in the prize package will be posted soon. The package will have a value of over $500.
What are the rules?
- You must use an iScope for this competitor's products...and you must show us your iScope in the video submission.
- Abide by Federal, State and local law, rules and regulations regarding the hunt or entering into a contest such as this.
- Hunt ethically.
- Video submission must be received by January 15, 2020. Any videos submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
Do you have an example of what you're looking for?
- Yep! Take a look at the video below by Derek Dirnberger from The Break. This will give you an idea of the basics of what we're looking opening interview, the kill, and a post hunt interview. Feel free to add more video content if you'd like...remember creativity is a plus! But, try to keep the video under 10 minutes long.